Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Yeah, no. I've been to Paris, and it has got (especially now) nothing on Rome* in terms of culture, class, and the historical willingness to fuck shit up. I challenge HBO to make a bloodier series about France, starring, hopefully Gerard Depardieu's dismembered body, on a pike.

But seriously, there are so few works of art that make you fucking want to get covered in your enemy's blood that this, or more viscerally makes you remember when you *were* covered in your enemy's blood, which means I must get the boxset immediately.

*No, I actually have not been to Rome, only Venice which is definitely, quite like Midwood, a realm of the old, suspicious, and pissed off about it. I guarantee you hardened arteries bring about more ambulances than hardened toughs. It would be a pity if I wasn't planning on fleecing them out of the rolls of singles tucked under their mattresses. Non?

At least there's a lot of great furniture on the street.

To encourage me, and perhaps you to explore music a bit more:

Soul Survivors: How Classic Rhythm and Blues Has Become Vital Sharon Jones is a gem, now rightfully revealed.


I know that "Paper Planes" is everywhere now, in commercials, MTV, and every video channel and MIA is being rightfully adulated...for this one song. But let me just say, this is where I was TWO YEARS AGO beetches.

Getting down with a Hounslow Girl

27 Nov 2006, 16:06 (edit | delete)
You know I have myriad problems with Apple and their stranglehold on music but they suggested me M.I.A. in their Rap/Hip-Hop mp3 free collections this summer and...damn. Having always a softspot for lady rappers like Lady Sovereign and Peaches though never getting too deep in, I think it's time for the Sri Lanken-Englishwoman to invade my eardrums.

So her album "Arular" is downloading on iTunes at the moment; surely what they want. Apparently MTV has banned her videos--not that I ever watch it but it might be enough of a reason why she's not as wildly famous as she "ought" to be. But "Bingo" the first track that introduced her to me says maybe me and about a billion of her underground fans might want to keep her to ourselves for awhile. delish.'

Suck it Seth Rogan!


And now our non-video pick of the week--cruelly neither have been given the cinematic treatment", here they are: "Lies" by the Black Keys, and PJ-Harvey-by-way-of-Desert-Session "Powdered Wig Machine"


Will I have a real video here yet? Let me peruse--I assume all of you have seen VAST's Pretty When You Cry if not go do so. I'm waiting for my muse.

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